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We have each come to Earth for a specific purpose.
Everyone’s purpose is different but
very important and critical in their own way.

Sometimes, however, our ability to move towards and complete our purpose is blocked by traumas in our life and the subconscious mind’s protective programming we’ve created that comes from trying to keep ourselves safe. Sometimes this programming is resourceful, but a lot of times it is not.

Now this trauma we are trying to protect ourselves from may have come from an event in this life, or maybe it comes from a previous life and time, or maybe it’s something you’ve been tasked with by your ancestors to overcome and heal for you lineage.

I’m director of Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy and founder of Divinus Arcana. I created Divinus Arcana as a place for people to access the deep healing work of spiritual hypnotherapy.

Spiritual life is as complex and diverse as you can imagine. And there can be many different reasons as to why there are blocks to you reaching your true potential and achieving your purpose here on Earth with joy, love and happiness.

That’s why I offer healing hypnotherapy sessions that work on the soul level and not just the physical realm of Earth and this physical body, but in the spiritual realm.

Now if you don’t know this already you need to ingrain this into your heart,
you’re here for a very special reason.

And by healing that which is blocking you from fulfilling your true purpose you will bring back balance and help rectify the negativity in this world by being that conduit for Divinity, for unconditional love.

So if it’s about love, why can the journey be so hard?

Because you are being blocked by what is NOT love – the negative programming from past trauma, anxiety, fear, anger, loneliness, despair, hopelessness, and all the rest of it.

There is a beautiful Rumi poem that says, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

That is the work we do here at Divinus Arcana!

As you heal and strengthen spiritually, you release those blocks to love so that you may once again access your innate wisdom and power the way you were always meant to.

You will know in your whole being when you’re aligned with your truth, with the truth of the journey. It’s when you’re in a state of love. And bit by bit, your outside experiences will begin to align with love too.

The work of Spiritual Hypnotherapy can help you remove the blocks and clean up the debris that are keeping you from love and fulfilling your purpose here on Earth.

As I said before, the problem may be that you are subconsciously and automatically running old negative thoughts and emotions which keep you from moving forward. Your subconscious mind could be running programming of fear, anger, overwhelm, anxiety, afraid of not being worthy, of not being loved. This programming may come from this life certainly, but it might also come from a previous incarnation that didn’t get healed in a past life, or again maybe it is something your ancestors need you to heal for your lineage.

There are profound healing processes within Spiritual Hypnotherapy that tap into the power of your subconscious mind but also your superconscious level of mind, your higher self, so you can heal old traumas, fears, feelings of unworthiness and being unlovable.

And it doesn’t take months and months of talking about it with your conscious mind.

Your subconscious knows better than anyone what the issue in need of healing is and how to resolve it. Though I will be coaching you through our hypnotherapy sessions together, all insights and guidance comes from you, the one person who knows you best.

That’s why it doesn’t take many sessions to achieve effective and long term results. We may see each other one time, or 2 or 3 times, or maybe 4 or 5 times. People take the time they need to heal. But the reason we only do a handful of appointments is that during our sessions we go straight to the one place that has the answers, You, your mind, heart and soul.

It is in the very deep relaxed state of hypnosis that you can move consciousness through time and space during a healing Past Life Regression Therapy, a Natal Regression (going back to heal the birth experience), Soul Life Regression (going back to the spirit realm before this incarnation), and connecting with your spiritual guides or your ancestors for healing, knowledge and wisdom.

And everyone can do this, you may think that is an ability given only to a select few, but that’s not true, you too have this power within you.

Now I want to be clear, I am not a spiritual counselor, or a psychotherapist for the soul, I am not here to fix you, give you advice or tell you what to do. You’re going to fix yourself, because your soul, your higher self knows what the issues are that need to be resolved and more importantly knows how to do the healing, or you’ll tap into the wisdom of your spirit guides or ancestors. Therefore, I do not analyze, diagnose, prescribe, or give advice during your hypnotherapy sessions. I am here, as a hypnotherapist to facilitate, guide and support you through your healing process.

Now I work with people around the country and around the world all through the internet, doing virtual sessions. These healing sessions work perfectly well virtually over Zoom. You don’t need to get a passport and go to another country into a forest, or jungle or desert to do this work. You can do it from home. You can do it with the power of your own subconscious and superconscious levels of mind, because you have the power, the ability and the right to create the life you need to fulfill the reason you are here. And you are here because you are worthy, you are lovable, you belong, you are enough, why do I know this, because you’re here. That’s all the proof you need.

If you’d like to … schedule an appointment now by clicking the link below this will take you to the scheduling calendar I share with Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy, and then find a day and time that works for you to schedule a Spiritual Hypnotherapy session. Or if you’d like to discuss the specific issue you’d like to work in more detail please schedule a free consultation call.

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