Other Class Notes

Falling Asleep with Positive Thoughts

Also, before falling asleep each night create positive thoughts and emotions. Maybe do 321 Reset and/or the Heart Coherence meditation and then visualize your future-self having achieved your goal. This way you’re steeping your body and mind in the chemistry of success and happiness for 8 hours instead of that chatter box of your critical inner voice. You have the power, the ability and the right to create the life you want.

Anchor with Finger and Thumb

When creating a positive emotional state using 321 Reset and Heart Coherence, or even laughing while watching a TV show, fire the anchor of finger to thumb and create a stronger link.

The more you activate this anchor the faster and stronger the feeling state of confidence, success, joy and happiness (or whatever feeling state you anchor) will come back.

Just like Pavolv ringing the bell and the dogs salivating without any yummy food nearby, so too by constantly pressing your finger and thumb together the resourceful feeling state will return automatically so you can use this anchor during a meeting, watching TV, eating dinner or falling asleep.

Qi Gong – Relaxing Movement Exercises

These basic stretches and easy-to-do exercises help relieve pain, stiffness and chronic tension caused by poor posture, inactivity, or repetitive motion. And I find it to be a wonderful mindfulness movement meditation as the exercises are so easy I can really let my mind go and relax while flowing with movement.

There are many great master teachers of QiGong, and like yoga teachers, they all have something unique to offer. Of course, finding a teacher you resonate with is very personal.

When I lived in Santa Cruz many years ago I took classes with Lee Holden. I like his teaching style and still use his training videos multiple times a week. Since he is the teacher I learned from I’ll put his information below.

Lee Holden’s website is www.holdenqigong.com/

To start with he has a lot of free trainings at his YouTube channel.

And if you’re interested in studying more about QiGong YouTube is a great place to discover your teacher.